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10. Start with WHY

August 11, 2022 Sophie McDermott
Summit Health & Wellness
10. Start with WHY
Show Notes

Hi Team! Did you know that T.E.A.M stands for Together Everyone Achieves More! That's why I started this podcast. To create a team of people wanting more from their health and their lives. Follow me on instagram @sophie.mcdermott for more support.

It's August 2022 and before you know it we will all be saying the same thing of 'How is it Christmas and the end of the year?'

Don't let this time past you by!

On today's podcast episode, I will ask you to dig deep. What are your goals and WHY? Really take some time to think about that. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to tone up? Why do you want to eat better? What is your personal why?

Also, I will be answering all your questions on the F.A.B. (Fit And Beautiful) Challenge... Yes the F.A.B. Challenge is here :)

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Make yourself a priority 💕 

Sophie x